Stolen Goods

I stole this from another teacher’s blog. 


With so much concern out there about liability, teaching, and online technology, I thought this was a great set of rules and guidelines to keep teacher/class blogs professional and safe.


This blog is one place where Ms. Barker’s students will be practicing their communication skills for this class. Assignments will frequently have a blogging component, so expect to check in here often. Some things you should know about this blog:

  • Any posting that might compromise your privacy or safety will be deleted. I’m going to be moderating comments, which means that I’ll be checking each comment before it goes on the blog. I’ll be looking for things like a safe user name (first name and last initial only) and no personal details in the content.
  • Keep it professional. Any objectional content will be deleted. (And deleted posts mean no marks …)
  • Feeling shy? If you really don’t want your comment to go public on the blog, just put “please don’t post” in your comment and I’ll read it, mark it, and then delete it. But it’s a whole lot more interesting if you put your comments out there for others to read …
  • Remember that the only electronic contact between you and me will take place in public virtual spaces like this blog – places where I will be posting messages that the entire class can see and respond to. I will never email you, IM, chat, or otherwise contact you personally. If you receive a personal message from someone who seems to be me, please let both me and a trusted adult know right away.