Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

I’m not actually sure I like this series. Like may not be the right word. I’m interested in it though. I take issue with young adult novels (and any novel for that matter) whose plots seem to revolve around a clumsy and helpless heroine who requires constant saving by males with superpowers.I mean, she falls down all the time and faints when she sees blood, and what’s with everybody deciding she must be picked up and carried around like a baby? The girl is seventeen in the first book!I also take issue with phrases like “impossibly beautiful” in reference to a male character. It’s just… so icky and over the top. And really… sparkly skin?  Come on! I think I might start ranting. Maybe I don’t like these books at all, and yet I’m strangely compelled by its darkly impossible beauty. Ugh! So see for yourself. Here’s the author’s website, which quite frankly reads like a melodramatic myspace page.   Pretty covers though.